We provide OUTSTANDING high quality, inclusive care and education for children from the age of two and a half years to five years. 


 (Costs applicable from April 2021)

Monday to Friday: 

Morning sessions: 9am to12.30pm = £26.78 

Afternoon sessions: 12.30pm to 3.30pm  = £22.95 

Full day sessions: 9am to 3.30pm  = £49.73

FULL FEE RATE (Non-funded hours) :  £7.65 per hour  (April 2021)

All fees and service charges are subject to review.

We are open term time only (up to 42 weeks per year) and parents will be invoiced for the total number of weeks we are open within each term. Our terms will coincide with local mainstream schools as much as possible, however The Mulberry Bush will occasionally overrun the school term. FEEE funding may be spread over the full term pro-rata to the maximum termly allowance set by the local authority.

We request children attend for a minimum of two sessions per week and a minimum of two full days from the term after their third birthday. Any holidays or absence within term time will be charged for within the terms invoice and any sessions missed cannot be made up or reimbursed. 

The Mulberry Bush does not make any charges for bank holidays or when the nursery is closed for holidays. 


We are registered for Government funded Free Nursery Entitlement (FEEE) for children from the term after their third birthday, until they start mainstream school. All parents are entitled to claim for 15 hours of free nursery care per week for a maximum of 38 weeks per year. The number of funded weeks per term will be set by Essex County Council (ECC) and may not always match the nursery term as we open for up to 42 weeks per year, your funding entitlement may be stretched across the full week’s we are open, so long as you do not claim more than the maximum termly amount.  Any requested hours over and above the allocated funding allowance claimed as set by ECC free entitlement will be charged at the full rate.  Some parents will qualify for 30 hours Free entitlement, this is not universal, but an additional 15 hours funding is available to parents who  meet the eligibility criteria.  You can check your eligibility at:

To claim the 30 hours FEEE parents will need to enrol their child for full days only (from the term after their 3rd birthday).  There is an expectation that parents will enrol their child for a minimum of 2 full days per week, in line with the nursery term times. 

Once your child is eligible for the free entitlement funding in the term following their third birthday we will provide you with a parent application form (PDA) to complete. Once we are in receipt of your declaration we will claim the hours specified on your behalf. The free entitlement (not  applicable to 2 year funding which some parents are eligible for, which is sole provider only) may be spread between two registered providers, so long as you do not exceed the maximum 15 /30 hours across the two settings or claim less than the minimum of 2.5 hours at any one setting. A parent application form must be completed for both settings and received by the setting before headcount day each term. Please complete and return your PDA promptly as invoices will be estimated on the assumed funded hours required, but will be recalculated once the PDA has been returned if different. The nursery will not be able to claim funding for children without a completed application form. Invoices will be recalculated if ECC have received an over claim and will therefore not fund your child with the hours you have requested. Parents/carers are responsible for paying the full fees if funding is not secured. If you require any help completing your PDA, please speak to the Principal.


The Mulberry Bush prides itself on always aiming to go above and beyond with outstanding, quality provision. We maintain high adult to child ratios of qualified and experienced practitioners who facilitate the substantial one-to-one engagement across the Montessori Curriculum which enhances each child’s experience and promotes positive learning outcomes. We provide substantial, healthy balanced snacks, extracurricular activities, parties and events. These features and services are embedded within our provision and we value our inclusive and equality ethos where every child is included and supported to achieve the best outcomes. In order to maintain this high level of service we ask parents to contribute by agreeing to pay an optional all-inclusive service charge on funded sessions to enable us to continue to provide these additional services over and beyond the EYFS requirements and expectations for high quality provision. (see terms and conditions for additional services). We understand that while there is a lot of choice for quality early year’s settings in the local area, parents choose to place their children with us for many reasons, including these additional services.  Unfortunately, the free entitlement doesn’t cover the full cost required to maintain these high ratios of well qualified staff, substantial healthy snacks and extra curriculum activities that we provide. In order to provide these additional services and remain sustainable we ask parents to contribute by paying a reasonable service charge on funded places. 



All inclusive additional services and extra hours are optional. Parents wishing to access their 15 hours’ free entitlement with no additional hours or services may do so by enrolling their child for 5 x 3 hour afternoon sessions per week, so as not to disrupt the Montessori work cycle. Afternoon sessions only will be limited to ensure spaces are available for children attending full days. Parents not wishing to pay the additional service charge and wish to access their free entitlement only must accept they will not receive the full services listed above such as the high levels of one to one engagement across the Montessori curriculum and agree to provide their child with healthy balanced snacks and withdraw their child from extra curriculum activities and will be charged if they wish their child to attend parties and celebrations. This will not affect a child’s place at the Mulberry Bush and every child will receive high quality provision and will be supported in their well-being, learning and development in line with the requirements, expectations and best practice of the EYFS, the high level of one to one engagement their child will receive will be reduced, as adult to child ratios will need to be decreased to maintain sustainability. Please see our Admissions policy, Registration form and Terms and Conditions for more information or contact the nursery Principal.


Invoices will be sent out at the end of each term for the following term and may be paid in full within 30 days or in regular monthly instalments, received by the 23rd of each month.  The nursery bank details are printed on invoices.

(Payment can be made by: DC / SO / employer nursery schemes /HMRC NS/ cash. Please ensure your fees are paid on time. If you are experiencing difficulty paying your nursery fees, please speak to the Principal as soon as possible. A 10% late payment fee may be charged on late payments.                                           

Please be aware the registration form is a formal binding contract of agreement between parents and The Mulberry Bush Montessori Nursery Ltd. It is important you read and understand the Terms and Conditions prior to signing the registration contact. One full terms notice in writing is required or fees in lieu of notice in the event of the cancellation or termination of your child’s place or you wish to make significant changes to the sessions or the terms you have agreed (exemptions apply). Any significant changes to the agreed sessions must be through consultation with the nursery Principal. 

It is our aim to ensure our pricing structure and our terms and conditions are clear and transparent. Please also read the Terms and Conditions of The Mulberry Bush Montessori Nursery Ltd for further information. If you would like more information or you have any queries regarding the nursery Fees, service charge or your free entitlement or any other aspect of the nursery, please feel free to contact us directly.