Welcome to The Mulberry Bush Montessori Nursery.

We have been asked to share this information with you regarding any concerns you may have about your child’s Speech and Language development. At the Mulberry Bush, we are dedicated to observing and planning activities that support your child. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to chat to one of us. We have many years of experience and training in communication and language, including Elklan trained members of the team; Leander is our Speech and Language coordinator at The Mulberry Bush, and is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our last day of Winter term is Wednesday 21st December. Details of the Christmas Party to follow.

Cheryl and Leander celebrated 20 Years at The Mulberry Bush this summer!

The ladies at the Mulberry Bush surprised Cheryl and Leander with a little celebration at Clare’s beach hut at the end of term. Cheryl joined and subsequently went on to own The Mulberry Bush in April 2002, with Leander joining fresh out of college in September 2002. Many years later, lots of studying (which felt like an eternity!), meeting new families and their children, and working with such an outstanding team has led to 20 Years! We’ve been so blessed-here’s to another 20!

Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

Our Mulberry Bush families kindly donated items for the Porch Pantry, a voluntary organisation based at St Peter and St Paul’s church in West Mersea. Emma and Lily visited to collect the donations and to thank us all, they said that Porch Pantry will really appreciate the items, so thank you to you all! We made it into the local paper too 😊

Topic growing and life cycles (Summer term 2022) here is what we’ve been up to:

Look what arrived at nursery today! Holly’s brother has kindly donated us some pheasant eggs to incubate! They should take around 21 days, and once we have observed them hatching, Holly will return them to her brothers farm 😊

May 2022 update:

The pheasants have hatched! We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to see them hatch!

We’ve got froglets! We have now moved them outside ready for when they are big enough to leave 😊

The children have been watching the life cycle of the butterfly too! We’ve watched them grow, and we held them very gently until it was time for them to be released ❤️

Here’s some of the things we’ve been exploring so far over this half term:

We’ve added some activities for you to download and print from home, these are continuously being added to, so keep an eye out! To do this, you must log in to your child’s Tapestry account through the browser, not the app as it doesn’t support this feature. Here’s a quick guide on how to get there:

  1. Log in to your child’s account at www.tapestryjournal.com
  2. On the first page you should see a ‘documents’ section (see picture 1) click that.
  3. You should now see a list, this is our folders which we have tried to organise as best as we can! Click which folder you would like to see; this time, our topic ‘colours and shapes’ (picture 2)
  4. Lastly, you should see a green download button which you can click and either download to your device, or print.

Happy 20 years Jo!

Happy 20 Years at The Mulberry Bush Jo!
You are simply brilliant-you are forward thinking, dedicated and amazing at what you do! Here’s to another 20 years 😊

7 years ago…..

7 years ago, Cheryl and I finally graduated with our Early Years Professional Status. It took us a while, but we studied hard (with a glass or two of wine 😉) often taking us in to the early hours of the morning. If we wasn’t studying, we were at nursery…..it felt never ending at some points (it pretty much was-it took us roughly 6 years to complete!) but……we did it! We are super proud of what we achieved, and we continue to thank everyone that supports the nursery, old and new-we always say it, but it never becomes tiresome because we really appreciate it ❤️
Cheers to a few more years (with no studying!) 😉

The Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service (ECFWS)
Their Facebook page is continually updating, with help, advice and support for families.


Have you heard of Talk, Listen, Cuddle? TLC is an Essex campaign helping parents, carers and families give their young children the best start to life, developing their communication skills through playful learning at home. You can visit the site from here: https://www.tlc-essex.info/

We have been working hard to finish our snug area, ensuring that we create a calm, peaceful and comfortable space for our children to work within. We hope you like it!

For your information:

We can’t wait to welcome back our old friends, and meet our new ones!
Could we ask that you remember to:

🔹 Ensure that you have a drawstring bag with a spare set of clothing at all times, clearly labelled please.

🔹 Your child will need a coat, hat, gloves in the cold weather and a hat, sun cream and coat (just in case it is cold in the morning or if it rains in the summer (who are we kidding?! It nearly always rains in the summer!) wellies and a pair of slippers for indoors.

🔹 Please make sure that you bring your child’s home link book to nursery each time; this ensures effective continuity between home and nursery.

🔹 Comforters are welcomed if needed, and can be put in your child’s bag.

🔹Toys and special items must stay at home.

🔹 Please continue to regularly check your child’s Tapestry for updates, observations and seeing your child’s progress (if you need any help regarding using Tapestry, please speak to Cheryl or Leander)

🔹 You can speak to your child’s key person at anytime, however, should you wish to have a more in depth discussion, please arrange a time that is convenient.

Songs are a great way of supporting your child’s learning and development! Singing with your child develops communication and language skills, listening and attention, physical skills, mathematical development and much more!
Here are some of our favourites; we will add more soon so watch this space!

Here are some useful links to explore and discover to support your child’s learning and development:


A great site for reading resources.


A whole host of ideas and activities to support learning and development.

Resources and ideas to support home learning.

Some lovely ideas exploring Montessori activities and materials.


This is a great website with links to keep your little ones busy.


A great website with activities to support all areas of development.


Some early maths games for extended learning.


A great site for learning and development 3+ recommended.


Part of the Early Years Alliance, this is another great website with a whole host of information to support your child.