Outstanding Ofsted Report

The quality and standards of the early years provision This inspection: Outstanding  1   
Previous inspection: Not applicable   
Effectiveness of the leadership and management Outstanding  1
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Outstanding 1
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Outstanding
Outcomes for children Outstanding  1


Summary of key findings for parents 

This provision is outstanding     

  • Leadership is exemplary and worthy of disseminating. The principal of the nursery is highly dynamic and skilful. She provides exceptionally high-quality childcare through the meticulously precise management of her effective team. 
  • Children are extremely motivated to learn in the vibrant and resourceful environment. They enthusiastically move between the exciting indoor and outdoor learning environments that capture and sustain children’s interests. 
  • Children’s progress is expertly monitored by their dedicated key person. Children excel in their learning, making exemplary progress from their starting points. 
  • Children form extremely close bonds with the practitioners in the nursery. They enter the nursery confidently and are greeted by warm and welcoming gestures from all of the practitioners. Children show great kindness towards each other. They form small friendship groups and are regularly heard asking other children to join them in a game or to produce a model together from the construction toys. 
  • Partnerships with parents are exemplary. Parents speak extremely highly of the nursery principal and her team of expert practitioners. Parents whose children did not attend the nursery on the day of the inspection made a special trip to share their views with the inspector on the way in which the nursery has comprehensively supported their children’s development. 
  • All children are superbly supported in both their learning and development and their well-being needs. Practitioners work extremely well with other professionals to support all children, especially those who have special educational needs or disability. 


What the setting needs to do to improve further  

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should: 

  • review the already thorough and effective monitoring of children’s progress to evaluate how the data can be used to raise teaching and learning to an even higher level.  

Inspection activities 

  • The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities indoors and outdoors and assessed the impact this has on children’s learning.  
    • The inspector completed a joint observation with the principal.  
  • The inspector held a discussion with the principal. She looked at relevant documentation, such as the nursery’s self-evaluation and evidence of the suitability of practitioners working in the nursery.  
  • The inspector took account of the views of parents spoken to during the inspection and through written comments within children’s development information.  


Lynn Hughes 

Inspection findings 

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding   

Arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Practitioners are extremely skilled at recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse. They follow the nursery’s rigorous safeguarding procedures to ensure that every child’s well-being is paramount. Leaders implement robust policies to ensure the safety of both children and practitioners. Highly effective supervision and coaching ensures that practitioners’ professional development is expertly enhanced. The nursery principal acts as an exemplary role model for her team of well-qualified and dedicated childcare professionals. Effective monitoring of children’s progress enables the principal to identify any gaps in children’s learning and to seek appropriate interventions. She is currently reviewing how she uses this data to target children’s learning to raise it to an even higher level.      


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding   

Opportunities for children’s learning are extensive. Children enthusiastically guide their own play and learning by freely accessing the innovative range of resources available to them. They explore whether a small selection of items will float or sink in their bowl of water. Once they establish the answer they place the item on the correct visual prompt of float or sink. Practitioners sit close by and ask children purposeful questions to extend their thinking. Children thoroughly enjoy expressing themselves in the role play and messy-play rooms. The resources to promote children’s imaginative skills are exciting and versatile. Children determine how the role play room is used and which scenario they want to act out. Practitioners skilfully enhance children’s communication and language skills, ensuring that all children are able to articulate their feelings and participate in both large- and small-group discussions.  


Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding   

Children are extremely comfortable in the nursery. Children’s self-esteem and confidence are expertly promoted by practitioners who consistently offer children praise and encouragement. Children are highly respectful of each other and of the adults caring for them. For example, they know not to interrupt a conversation between other people; they say excuse me and wait until there is a gap in the discussion. Children are extremely knowledgeable about where food comes from. They grow and harvest a wide range of fruit and vegetables in their garden. Children are provided with extensive opportunities to develop their physical skills. For example, they negotiate walking along wooden stepping stones in the garden and gallop around the horse trial circuit in their horse costume.  


Outcomes for children are outstanding  

Children are extremely well prepared for their next stage of learning, including entering school. Many children are able to write their own names and some read simple sentences from reading books. All children develop excellent personal care skills from an early age. For example, they proficiently prepare themselves for playing outdoors by choosing appropriate clothing.  

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